Health Screenings 

  • Ignite BioGold
    Ignite BioGold

    Healthy at heart – through our cardiac risk markers you can now learn how healthy you are at heart and know the risk of developing any heart disease. A total of 71 test are conducted.

  • Ignite BioBronze
    Ignite BioBronze

    Take a quick look over your health – assessing 57 basic blood parameters.

  • Food Intolerance Test
    Food Intolerance Test

    A vast variety of tests spread over 3panels evaluating food intolerance of 90 different foods in each panel that cover foods from different categories like meat, dairy, spices, etc. Members can select 1 panel or a combination of the 3 panels, in total to cover 270 different varieties of foods.

  • Ignite BioSilver
    Ignite BioSilver

    61 tests health screening checking your Vitamin D and vitamin B12 levels also.

  • Ignite FitnessPro
    Ignite FitnessPro

    64 tests screening specially designed for the more fitness conscious members.

  • Allergy Test
    Allergy Test
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